Strengths of Fuji Logix

The customer's cargo will be carefully surely delivered one by one.
We are the hearty logistics operations company, Fuji Logix.

Since its inception, Fuji Logix has been involved in the domestic and international logistics operations.
We want you to know the strengths which we has cultivated while our encounter in many of our customers and our delivery of a lot of cargo.

From a single cargo to a large request, we meet the import and export request of all sizes.

Fuji Logix is the logistics company specialized in corporate customers.
When you heard that we are the corporation specialized company, you might think "they woundn't correspond unless the request of a large lot". However, please do not worry.
We can also respond to your request of a single cargo. Regardless of what size and how many, we will respond flexibly and quickly to the needs of our customers, and we will continue to support your company's business to the fullest from the surface of logistics.

We support from the latest international situation until the legislation of the countries around the world.

Work of Fuji Logix is to connect Japan and the world.
In the course of our work, we are keenly aware of the importance of "information and knowledge" from our daily life. If we don't grasp the international situation that changes as day-to-day like living creatures, in addition to the laws of each country, it's not possible to be safe and secure Logistics.
We are making full use of information network that we have cultivated to now, and always strive to gather information and to study of knowledge. So please be assured.

We can support a wide range of business, for example warehousing business, customs clearance business, and plant cargo transport.

In the logistics business whichFuji Logix is involved, we have various affairs.
When we do the logistics business, it is required the customs business At the time of import and export, and also required the warehouse which we can temporarily store the cargo transport.
It's hard for customers to do every business on its own, and It takes time and effort to request each bussiness to different companies. For that, we can support other business involved in the logistics business, so please leave all that of logistics with peace of mind.



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