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Privacy Policy

Fuji Logix Co., Ltd. (our company below"), We will be the bridge of "People to People," "People and Companies," "Companies and Products," and "Products and People" as a company that plays a role in the logistics industry. And we offer a comprehensive logistics services to build trust.
We sincerely accept the needs of our customers in the logistics, to be able to suggest the best course of action, and will strive to maximize the support as a partner. We have a basic philosophy of to become a company that can provide further customer satisfaction. For to be a worthy organization, for the protection of personal information that we handle, we are fully aware of the social responsibility.

In addition, our company is declared to build a personal information protection management system, and always to continue to improve While recognizing trends of the latest IT technology by all of us, in order to embody the policy shown below.

  1. If our company take your personalinformation, we clarify the acquisition purpose, and make the appropriate acquisition, using, and providing personal information. And We won't handle personal information beyond the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use (purpose outside use). In addition, we will take the appropriate measures for that.
  2. Our company will comply with the guidelines and other rules that laws and regulations related to the handling of personal information, the country set.
  3. We will take reasonable security measures with respect to the risk of such loss or damage example for unauthorized access to personal information and disclosure of personal information. We injected the management resources that match the actual situation of the business, and will continue to improve the security system of personal information also. We will do the corrective for inappropriate matters also. We will changed its internal rules and regulations, and protect your personal information in the best of condition further.
  4. Our company will define the internal rules of the complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information. In addition, we will respond quickly and in good faith in the complaints and consultation.
  5. To protect of personal information management system,based on the changes in the environment surrounding our company,Timely and properly we will continue to promote the improvement and review.
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January 10th, 2014
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January 10th, 2014
Fuji Logix Co., Ltd.
CEO Shuichi Maeno

About the handling of personal information

Accordance with JISQ15001: the 2006 requirements and, we will announce the following contents.

Purpose of the case to get in other than direct writing acquisition in person

Personal information entrusted
In order to conduct business such as export business, import duties, customs clearance, transportation business, warehouse operations and warehouse operations which were commissioned from the customers.

Well-known about the personal information subject to disclosure

Purpose of use of personal information subject to disclosure
Personal information of employees
In order to carry out the employment management, such as human resources, payroll and general affairs
For health management
For security management
Personal information of applicants for employment
For the recruitment and contact towards the applicant
For joining procedures
Personal information of our business partners
For Negotiation, contact on the business, ordering business and the fulfillment of the contract
Personal information of those who contact us
For the corresponding to the Contact Us
Personal information protection administrator

Fuji Logics Co., Ltd. Shuichi Maeno 072-869-5666

Procedures and inquiries for disclosure of personal information

Our company, as soon as possible we will correspond with respect to the personal information that we acquired. If you wish to disclosure of your own information, On the person who had you offer your own and you have confirmed that it is a person himself. The Company will accept the claim from the person in question such as notification of the purpose of use of personal information held by the Company, disclosure, correction in the case such as the contents of the personal information is contrary to the fact, add or delete, stop of use, erasing, stop provision to a third party (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure, etc. "hereinafter). However, when there is a risk of harm to human life, bodily injury and property other income of the person or other customers,or if it is determined that the cause of the significantly interfere with the Company's business conduct, this does not apply. In addition, when there is set forth in laws and regulations, we will take appropriate action based on the laws and regulations.

(1)The contents of the disclosure, etc.
  • Notification of the purpose of use
  • Disclosure
  • Content correction, addition or deletion
  • Use of stop or erase
  • Stop of providing to a third party

Because you may not be able to provide a service in line with the reluctantly request accordance with the stop or erasure of use, please note.


Fee is free.

(3)Disclosure of your billing method and inquiry

If you request for disclosure, please apply with filling out the "prescribed by the Company for disclosure bill", addressed to "Contact Us on the protection of personal information" to be described, using the method record of delivery remains such as registered mail, simple registered mail, or delivery record mail. Regarding the disclosure such as invoices, please use to print the PDF file for disclosure bill. At that time, based on the information you have registered, you will be the identification.

Because we could'nt respond to your request for disclosure that does not depend on this method (including the case who come directly to the Company), please understand.

When there is a deficiency in the description of the invoices of disclose, or when you or your agent can not be sure that you are yourselves, we might not be able to support your claim against our will. so please acknowledge beforehand.

  • "Prescribed by the Company for disclosure bill"
  • "Disclosure invoice"

When the person who requests is other than your own (agent, etc.), please enclose the following additional documents.

Documents that can confirm that you have the legal authority of representation such as family register or adult Guardianship certificate of registered matters
The following documents relating to the legal representative in the case he or her is Minor or Adult ward
Attorney has delegated its work for it to do your request for disclosure
Documents can be sure that there is delegated authority to delegate such as power of attorney
[Inquiries regarding personal information protection]
Fuji Logics Co., Ltd.
Privacy protection, complaints and consultation reception desk Shuichi Maeno
1-31, Shinden Nishimachi, Daito-shi, Osaka, 574-0057, Japan
TEL:072-869-5666Hours 10:00 to 17:00(Excluding weekends and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays)
(4)Notification method about your request for disclosure, etc

We are in (name and address of the claimant which is set forth in the foregoing disclosure, etc. invoice) addressed to those who have just let us know, we will send a written notice. In addition, the case can not be disclosed, etc., we are to notify to the reason. It should be noted, that it may take a number of days until the notification, please understand.

(5)The purpose of the acquired personal information by your request for disclosure, etc.

Personal information acquired by your request for disclosure, etc. shall be used only within the scope necessary for the procedure for disclosure. In addition, documents submitted to us, we are sure to dispose of.

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At that time, Google may collect information such as customer's IP address through "cookie", but the information gathered by "cookie" can not identify individuals.
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The handling of personal information, or questions, reception desk of such complaints

Please contact us with addressed to "Contact Us on the protection of personal information" above regard to complaints and inquiries about the personal information that we acquired.

Authorized personal information protection organization
Name of authorized personal information protection organization
Nippon general Foundation information Economic and Social Promotion Association
Offer destination of complaints resolved
Personal Information Protection Complaint Consultation Office
Fua-suto Bld.12F, Roppongi , Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan
※This is not in the inquiries regarding our products and services.


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