Flow of Contract

To each and every customer, to be able to propose the optimal logistics services are
strengths of "customer first" which Fuji Logix has cultivated over many years.

In Fuji Logix, we has been involved in the logistics business at home and abroad.
Experience and know-how that we have cultivated are trusted from many customers.
Our strength is not only to deliver in response to your request, but also to suggest our customers in optimal logistics for them.
If you are considering logistics operations including the import and export, please look at the flow of the following, and contact us.

Flow of Contract

Contact Us

step01Contact Us

If you are considering the request of logistics business, please contact us by calling up or by contact form.
At that time, if you can tell the information such as that where we deliver to and what we deliver, you will can bandy smoothly.



We listen to the demand of our customers, and we present you to the estimation. If you have convinced to the contents of the estimate, contract will be established.

Collection of freight

step03Collection of freight

We go to the receipt of the cargo to the place you are.

Packing, and storaging in warehousing

step04Packing, and storaging in warehousing

The cargo that we have collected are packed in optimal states depending on the contents of. On that basis, before distribution, it will be store in the warehouse firmly.



We stow the cargo in the private car and deliver it to the destination.

The flow of the imports and exports

Regardless of what size, our company will respond every request of the imports and exports. We will act for various procedures related to be required every time, please contact at ease.



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