List of questions

I'd like to use in private, is it possible?
Sorry,our company has performed a service that was intended only for corporate customers. Can not respond to your request from private customers, please note.
I'd like to send a single cargo, could you it delivered even only one?
Yes, you can. If you are the corporate customers, will correspond from a single cargo.
Please tell me the things that can't be delivered by air transport.
things which can not be delivered by air transport are, "explosives" such as fireworks and smoke candles, "things which includes a high pressure gas" such as spray cans and fire extinguishers, "poisons" such as pesticides, "corrosive substances" such as mercury and hydrochloric acid, etc.
Ports to be used at sea transport are only large places?
No. In our company, regardless of the small and large, all ports can be used to transport.
Ocean freight will be the same amount?
Ocean freight is not a straight-line basis. it will change depending on route, movement situation of cargo and the seasons . For more information, please contact us at the time of your request.
Can Ig get a discount on the sea freight?
Yes, we will discount depending on the conditions. Its conditions are, "when you have a contract to ship only to the alliance shipping company," "when you did not use the outsider ship for a certain period of time (usually 4 months) ,""when you want us to transport a discount of cargo," "when you have a shipping guarantee contract of a certain amount of cargo for a certain period of time," and so on.
Please tell me the case of ocean freight will become the premium.
The cases that ocean freight will become premium are "when the heavy of one cargo exceeds a certain standard," "when the length of one cargo exceeds a certain standard," "when we do loading and cargo-unloading outside the Alliance provisions port," and so on.
What type cargo can you not export?
The cargos we can not export are, Domestic supply and demand adjustment goods(such as oil and rice) , export order maintenance material (fiber and light machinery, etc.), export restrictions by international agreement goods (Export prohibited goods), include export prohibited goods (such as drugs). because a propriety of exports is determined by partner countries we export to, First of all, please do not hesitate to ask a question.
What type cargo can you not import?
The cargos we can not import are, export prohibited goods (such as drugs), import restriction goods (those that are regulated by such as domestic law and international law), and There are also cargos require the approval and confirmation. Overall, since the import is likely to be complicated procedure than exports, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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